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Detailed user rules for www.priejuros.lt (last edited on 09 07 2019)

302988948 is the legal person code for Small Partnership (lit. Mažoji Bendrija) "Padis LT" (hereinafter - service provider), located in K. Būgos street 64-4. "Padis LT" is the administrative body of the www.priejuros.lt website.

You (hereinafter - service recipient) agree to a contract with the service provider if you order the services offered on www.priejuros.lt and pay for them, watch the advertisements free of charge or send requests to service recipients (the people who have put up the advertisements) in the www.priejuros.lt website. 

These rules state according to which www.priejuros.lt should be used as well as the rights and obligations by the service provider and service recipient, their responsibilities and other provisions.

It should be noted, that the service provider only provides the tools needed to upload information in www.priejuros.lt and is not the representative, intermediary or agent of the interested party.

The service provider and service recipient agree to comply and follow these rules (hereinafter - rules).

The service provider uses www.priejuros.lt to provide services to service recipients (uploading advertisements, highlighting them, advertising etc.). The service recipient agrees to receive, use, and pay for the services provided.

  1. The service provider
    1. undertakes:
      1. to provide the services offered on www.priejuros.lt on time and do so adequately. Unless the parties agree otherwise, paid services should only be provided once the payment is received, as is noted in these rules.
    2. Has the right to:
      1. check whether advertisements or other services meet these rules and the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania. If the advertisement or other service contains an infringement of these rules it can be deleted without prior warning;
      2. not provide services free of charge or to start charging for said services;
      3. unilaterally change the services provided in www.priejuros.lt as well as their taxation and change any provisions within these rules. If the rules are changed and the service recipient continues using the services in www.priejuros.lt it will be considered to be an agreement to the rule changes.
  2. The service recipient
    1. Undertakes to:
      1. Read the rules in www.priejuros.lt and comply with them;
      2. pay for the services on time and receive said services;
      3. upload correct ant thorough information about themselves, including the actual first name, phone number, e-mail address, other information required, including information about the services they offer, items for sale etc.;
      4.  Follow the recommendations and definitions provided in www.priejuros.lt, fill in the required fields for the ad. It is also highly recommended that the basic principles of fairness and solidarity are maintained and the rights of other service recipients are respected as stated in the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania.
      5. to never upload false information;
      6. to never upload advertisements for services or object that the service recipient cannot dispose of (rent, provide use for third parties);
      7. to never upload objects or services once their reservation has been completed and to never upload objects or services that the service recipient cannot provide. To clearly familiarise other service recipients (third parties) with these provisions and the terms for ordering services, dates that are taken and other necessary information.
      8. to only upload advertisements that meet the April 27, 2016 European Parliament and Council regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter - BDAR), the LR law and other LR legal acts;
      9. to never upload advertisements or information that would include information or links to persons or services provided by direct competitors to the service provider, including services that are provided through www.priejuros.lt;
      10. to never use the www.priejuros.lt website in a way that would threat the service provider or the quality of the services it provides. To never use www.priejuros.lt in a way that could hinder the server or data safety or limit the ability of www.priejuros.lt to provide their services to service recipients;
      11. to never use malicious or damaged software, also never send e-mails or other digital messages with the intention of altering the computer networks, computer equipment, or the website www.priejuros.lt itself;
      12. to never upload other persons and their personal data, including, but not limited to, contact information, names, personal photos or photos of their objects etc. without their approval;
      13.  to never use www.priejuros.lt to complete actions that could infringe the provisions active in the Republic of Lithuania, could damage other persons, their belongings or legal interests as well as the website www.priejuros.lt or its reputation;
      14. to never limit the ability of other service recipients to use the services provided by the service provider;
      15. to never use www.priejuros.lt for illicit purposes including, but not limited to: uploading, sending or keeping content in www.priejuros.lt that is offensive, threatening, slandering, discriminative, pornographic, calls for ethnic, racial, religious hate or would hinder any persons right to an image, name, last name, privacy, honour and dignity, factual reputation or other rights and freedoms;
      16. to never use www.priejuros.lt in order to complete illegal actions (cheating, deceptively gaining assets, etc.), create illegal transactions and anything else that would infringe on the provisions that are active in the Republic of Lithuania as well as moral and ethical norms or other requirements for advertising content that are stated in these rules.
    2. Has the right to:
      1. order services with the conditions that are stated in the rules and www.priejuros.lt;
      2. to browse www.priejuros.lt;
      3. to send requests of messages to other service recipients (persons that have uploaded advertisements);
      4. to alter their own advertisements, excluding situations when the changes would infringe these rules.
      5. to contact the service provider with a variety of requests that are related to advertisements without abusing this right by putting an unjustified burden on the service provider on its servers and/or e-mail.
  3.  Advertisement content and its requirements for the service recipient:
    1. When uploading an advertisement, the service recipient takes full responsibility for its content meeting these rules and the provisions in the Republic of Lithuania. The data in the advertisement is confirmed and accounted for by the service recipient. The data has to be true, precise and detailed. It should appropriately describe the items or services being advertised.
    2. The advertisement need to be uploaded in www.priejuros.lt on a category that is fitting of its content.
    3. Multiple objects can be advertised to be for sale, rent, trade, gift, a service to be provided, etc. in a single advertisement. It need to be in compliance with the category and the actions that are allowed within the personal plans of individual agreements of the service recipient.
    4. An advertisement in www.priejuros.lt can be illustrated by photographs. These photographs must showcase the item or service that is being offered. It is forbidden to upload graphic images, letters, numbers, or personal data (logos, hand written notes, phone numbers, last names) instead of the photographs in the advertisement. Photographs with graphic images, letters, and numbers are also forbidden. Photographs can be edited by turning them or changing their sequence. The photos can also be deleted if they do not portray the object of the advertisement or if they portray persons of modified graphic images.
    5. If there are raising suspicions about possible illegal activities by the service recipient, their advertisements can be blocked.
    6. The service recipient can only upload advertisements that include the sale or rent of property that is owned or freely disposed of on other grounds by the service recipient. It is forbidden to upload advertisements with the only intention being the purchase or trading of real estate objects.
    7. It is forbidden to offer objects that are not related to the advertisement in the advertisement itself, its comments or photos. It is forbidden to provide false information about the qualities of the object that is being advertised.
    8. It is forbidden for the service recipient to provide a different price in the comments from the one that is displayed in the advertisement itself. The price should also conform the actual market value of the property. The price of the object must include taxes. The advertisements that do not meet these rules may be blocked.
  4. Services
    1. The service provider provides free and paid services to service recipients with the use of www.priejuros.lt website.
    2.  The service provider provides these free services:
      1. browsing the website;
      2. providing services to service recipients that have placed their advertisements.
    3. The service provider provides these paid services to service recipients:
      1. free advertisement placing;
      2. paid advertisement placing in accordance to the www.priejuros.lt price list or in accordance to terms that have been individually agreed upon;
      3. highlighting advertisements;
      4. lifting up advertisements;
      5. advertising;
      6. other services in www.priejuros.lt that are in compliance with these rules.
    4.  The service provider
    5.  The payment by the service provider is considered to be received when it can be factually seen in the funds of the service provider (bank, digital currency, etc.).
  5. Personal data
    1. The service recipient provides data when registering for the services provided by www.priejuros.lt, the service provider processes this data, uses it, protects it, and gives it out only legally and fairly, only for clearly defined goals and only in the scope required for the goals to be reached. The data provided by the service recipient is processed by the service provided in accordance to these rules and the order that is provided in the www.priejuros.lt privacy policy.
    2. The service provider processes the service recipient data, including cookies, in order to appropriately provide said services. The service recipient data is being stored no longer than it is required to be by LR law.
    3. The service provider states all information related to the processing and using of personal data in the privacy policy.
  6. Responsibility and its limitations
    1. The service provider is responsible only for the uploading of the information provided in an advertisement on www.priejuros.lt and only if the advertisement meets the rules and technical database requirements of this website.
    2. The service provider is not responsible for the information in the advertisement being true. The service provider is not responsible for any damages done to the User or third parties because of an advertisement or its placement in www.priejuros.lt .
    3.  Using www.priejuros.lt is considered to be flawless if said website or its database can be used at least 85% of the time through the year.  The service provider is not responsible for disruptions when using www.priejuros.lt or its database when the reasons for said disruptions is out of the service providers control.
    4.  The service recipient is responsible for the responsible use of their name, password and editing code. The service provider is not responsible for any damages caused to the service recipient when third parties use the information gained by being irresponsibly stored by the service recipient.
  7. The consequences of infringing the rules:
    1. When adding an advertisement, the service recipient must follow all rules provided in the advertisement upload instructions and these rules. Depending on the type of rule infringement, the service provider maintains the right to edit the advertisements that do not meet the rules of the laws of the Lithuanian republic by putting the advertisement at the end of search results or blocking it from being visible to other users.
    2. The service recipients will be informed about any sanctions being applied via the contact information they have provided. The service provider right mentioned above does not free the service recipient from the responsibility of providing truthful information that meets legal provisions. All future services are cancelled once the rules have been infringed and the money is not returned.
    3. The advertisements that have been placed in a wrong category will be blocked or moved to a fitting category.
  8. Intellectual property rights
    1. The service provider is the owner to the rights of all content on www.priejuros.lt and has the exclusive right to using it. All trademarks, designs, names and logos used in www.priejuros.lt are owned by the service provider or they have the right to use them.
    2.  Any copying, processing or other use of the www.priejuros.lt content or design that belongs to the service provider done by third parties without the written permission by the service provider or by infringing the rules is an infringement of copyright law and other law, and will be punished in accordance to the law of the Republic of Lithuania. This restriction does not apply to service recipients when their advertisements are concerned.
    3. The service recipient agrees, that the service provider has the right to use the advertisement pictures for advertising their own company without the service recipients personal information. The service recipient agrees, that their advertisement and other published content, including any intellectual property, will become a part of the website database and will be protected by the service provider or authorised persons for an unlimited amount time in specified ways, except when it is stated differently within the rules. Neither the service provider nor any third party to use the content published by the service provider will be required to pay the author anything for using their content in that way.
  9. Assurances and guarantees
    1. The service recipient assures and guarantees the service provider that they have all required rights, permissions, and licensees to publish the content and use the trademarks shown in the advertisement as well as the copyright required to make the content public before adding an advertisement. Neither the service provider nor any third party will be obliged to pay any copyright or other payment for using the content or advertisements published by the service recipient.
    2. By using the www.priejuros.lt website the service recipient agrees, that they are a fully operational person or a representative of a legal person or a third party in whose name they act and assure, that they have all needed authorisation to complete deals that are being offered in the website.
  10. Final provisions
    1. The rules come into effect from the moment that the service recipient starts using www.priejuros.lt or assures, that they agree to the rules. The rules will stay in effect for as long as the service provider and service recipient maintain business relationship.
    2.  All activities done on www.priejuros.lt are carried out in accordance to the law of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disagreements regarding the activities within www.priejuros.lt or related to them will be resolved through negotiations. If negotiations fail, they will be resolved in a competent court in accordance to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
    3. Any disagreements between the service provider and the business people (service recipients) will be tackled in a local court at the "PADIS LT" office.
    4.  Non-business service recipients must provide a request or complaint regarding the activities within www.priejuros.lt to the service provider and specify their requirements. Such requests and complaints should be sent to info@priejuros.lt . If the service recipient disagrees with the answer from the service provider, they can contact the Consumer Protection Office, which can be reached at www.vvtat.lt or by completing a request form at the Electronic user dispute platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr/. All legal disagreements are investigated by procedures foreseen by relevant legislation.

11.3. Further use of www.priejuros.lt, which includes, but is not limited to ordering new services, editing advertisements and/or renewing them after the rules have been changed implies, that the user has acquainted themselves to the changes and fully agree with them. Services that have been ordered before the www.priejuros.lt, rule changes will be provided in accordance with the rules that were active at the time of the order.