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Updated 29 January, 2024

Children Entertainment and Holiday Camps in Lithuania

As professional children camp and event organisers, we can provide our services in organisation of various children events – everything what is on your demand!  Meanwhile, we offer the following:

Fantasy and games camps „Galaxy of Games“
Sports and adventure camps „SmartSports“
and others

1 or 2 week-long camps for children and teenagers of 7-14 years. Fun, reproducing the life of various characters, trip to distant continents, extending knowledge of Russian and English languages, sports games and other entertainment, new friends, fun and adventure, passionate beach games, evening shows and discos are to accompany participants throughout all the camp duration. Children will compete in various competitions, learn languages, have fun evening programs, perform various characters, reherse dances, make clothing and accessories, flags and signs, study maps, search for treasures, get acquainted with customs of the main characters. They will strive to become children of nature, they will seek to understand the emerging ideas of their own characters, their ingenuity and originality, and try to live in pure merger with the real living nature.

Dates: for this information please visit
Camp shift duration: from 8 to 15 days (it is possible to obtain 2 shifts in a row.)
Place: several places in Lithuania. Please visit
For more information and pricelist, please contact us at:
Phones: +370 615 70860 (spoken: ru, pl, lt) +370 687 I4368 (eng, ru, lt)  

Each day in our Camp will begin with morning exercise, sports games will take place in the forest and sports fields, swimming at the lake, games, adventures, task distribution and execution, counting and discussing the results and lively disco nights, evenings at the fireplace and other entertainment.

There is an option to organise tourist sightseeing tours - Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania; old capital of Lithuania Kernave, Trakai castle and other places of interest.

What should I bring to the Camp?

Must have:
1. the Camp participant must have a medical certificate issued by the family doctor (Form 079/a in Lithuania, other countries have their own official forms). It must be issued before the start of a shift the Participant is attending. We do not have the right to accept a participant to the camp if he or she does not have a valid medical certificate.
2. hygiene items, small and a large towel;
3. comfortable shoes: sports and casual shoes (sandals, etc..)
4. bathing (swimming) suit;
5. sun hat, cap or scarf, sun cream;
6. warm clothing (a sweater and jacket), and other clothing for all the camp period;
7. clothes that can undergo the undone damage (jeans or sport pants, blouse or shirt, cap, scarf) - the camp will require a set of child-sized clothing for alteration which later cannot be restated. Subsequently, these garments will be no longer appropriate to use (they will be cut, colored, destroyed, lost etc..)
8. medications that a child is required to use (this must be declared to the camp manager upon arrival!).

Recommended to have:
1. means against mosquitoes and other insects;
2. sunglasses;
3. swimming inventory (swimming glasses, fins, inflatable vest, etc. if a child has such things);
4. rubber shoes („rain boots“);
5. some small change for soft drinks and ice cream.
It is recommended not to have any expensive items (electronic games, computers, mobile telephones), excessive money amounts (more than 3-5 € per day). The Camp organisers do not take responsibility for any lost or damaged property belonging to the Camp Participant.

Arrival and check-in first day: 09:00 - 12:00 hours.
Departure time till 12:00 on closing day.
Camp site address:

If you have any ideas for our children projects, please contact us. Visit our photo gallery at:

See you soon!

Tel. +370 615 70860 (spoken languages RU, PL, LT)
Tel. +370 687 I4368 ( ENG, RU, LT)

Public company VARLINUKAS was established for the quality of school-age children and teenagers education and development, leisure management, environmental and cultural traditions and knowledge enhancement, nurturing, organization of sporting activities, health and safety education.

We focus on children leisure time, having a goal to create good conditions for development, promotion of curiosity and excitement, provoke for search of knowledge and various usefull applications in kids life.

Children entertainment organization - our main projects for the current period. We are confident that the youngest residents of our planet will evaluate the scope of devotion and assistance in their development, education and overall development of the World. 

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Mėguvos g. 11, Palanga, Lithuania Map
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Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish
Phone no.
+370 615 70860
June, July, August
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    • Separate entrance from the outside
    • Shower and WCin every per room
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    • Bedding (free)

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  • Approximate distances
    • To the sea ~ 400 m

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triples, quadruples, for 5 persons
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