Ship-yacht in Nida "Lana"

Ship-yacht in Nida Lana - 1

Updated 06 October, 2022

When seeing the wonderful yacht “Lana” with its masts looking up into the sky and huge sails for the first time, everyone’s heart starts to beat more often and a great desire to go on board , feel yourself comfortable and after forgetting everything sail somewhere to the edge of the world appears. This sea sailboat –yacht- is definitely a flagman not only in the Curonian Sea, but also in all Baltic region. Its measurements are amazing – 18m in length, 5.5metres in width, masts are 20metres in height. This allows to sail safe not only in the Curonian Sea but also in a bigger sea. If the weather is bad there are some cabins for passengers, opened VIP bad – restaurant, where bear is poured from the barrel. The full meals are organized for those who wish during the voyage. You will not be able to examine all the parts of this old/antique sailboat during one voyage. There are several voyages organized during which you can sail with other people or look a voyage for your guest separately:

1. A voyage to the delta of the Nemunas through the Curonian Sea. A trip to Lithuanian Venice in Minge village and Sailors’ living place in Uostadvaris, museums, historical lighthouse of Sielininkai. The travelers have a fish soup for dinner in an open-air café; they eat fried bread and drink beer. The trip takes 5-6hours.]

2. Sightseeing voyage near the seacoast of Nida, the great dunes and the water board with the area of Karaliaucius. It takes 1 hour.

3. A voyage according to the wish for a traveler (routes Nida – Preila – Pervalka – Dead dunes (Mirusios kopos) – Juodkrante- Klaipeda- Palanga- Sventoji. We can offer you events of any sort and level.

4. Fishing for entertainment in the Curonian Sea.

5. Fishing for entertainment in the Baltic Sea.

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